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Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a fancy name for authorising someone else to do stuff for you - this can be quite a specific thing such as signing an important document while you are away on holiday, or it can be a general delegation of power. The general delegation of power is more commonly used when someone wants to make provision for their attorney to be able to act for them if they become unable to do so by reason of physical or mental infirmity.

Obviously the grant of a power of attorney is a pretty major step to take and it is vital that you are fully aware of the implications before signing up to one.

The rules are quite complicated; so if you are considering a power of attorney please contact Tom on 0131 229 4939.

You will find more useful information about powers of attorney on the website of the office of the public guardian at www.publicguardian/

Attorney Issues
  • Continuing power of attorney.

  • One attorney or two?

  • Advice on how a power of attorney works in practice.

  • Welfare powers of attorney.

  • Living wills.


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